Audio Visual

The multi platform digital space of the 21st century will be firmly
grounded in strong and engaging audio visual content.

Importance of strong audio visual

Strong audio visual content isn’t just a tool to drive traffic, it is a wholesome approach to engaging with your customers, your audience, your stakeholders. The world has never seen so much audio visual content being produced. From having your own Youtube Channel to engaging with your customers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, your brand identity will gain a distinct, competitive advantage. Podcasts and videos cater to your audience in different ways.
They also help to connect the audience with the business on a more personal level. This builds trust and a relationship with your target market, giving you a greater chance to reassure them that you know what you’re talking about in a format that they might prefer. Podcasts can be listened to on the go, for example, while videos are great for instructional content where it pays to show the audience what you’re talking about. Provided the circumstances are right and your audience wants content in this way, audio and video content can make your brand appear more tech-savvy and professional too.
But how do you look professional and capitalise on these benefits without spending too much money?
At Metakave Designs, our highly skilled professionals create and produce content that is engaging, eye catching and impactful.


Audio mixing is a professional service that separates sound from noise. From Podcast productions, to cleaning your existing audio tracks, we are able to make your Audio sound clean and pristine by clearing all unnecessary noise. Innovate in how you reach your target customer base by creating your own podcast to deliver your message. This allows your brand to have a multi platform presence today.

Social Media Marketing

We help our customers with multi platform social media presence, which includes creating audio visual material for social media, marketing and management. We also help you devise targeted social media campaigns to identify your potential market. In the crowded social media space today, your brand has to stand out by producing unique, creative and fresh content like infographics, posters, pictorials, postcards and labels to engage with your customer base.


According to a White Paper published by Cisco, 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021. Research and Data shows including a video in a post increases organic traffic from search results by 157%. (Search Engine People). Video currently is and will continue to remain an integral part of marketing and engaging with your audience. It is important for your video content to be visually striking and accessible.
Starting with shooting to editing to providing the final color correction and grading, we offer a whole range of video solutions specifically catered to the modern digital audiovisual space. Our range of services include:

Film and Shoot

Professionally filmed videos using high grade cameras used for films, music videos etc.

Sound Design and Mix

Professional sound studio service to clean noise from your tracks, edit and mix your track with music and atmos to make your final output sound pristine.


High-quality, specialised transcription services from medical transcripts to interviews, corporate meetings and videos to documentaries and films.

Video Editing and Color Correction

Post Production services from Editing to Color Correction to provide your final output the visual style and look for professional use.

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