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Who are We

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet but let’s get this over with as painlessly as possible. We are a team of professionals with a variety of different skillsets. We are based around the world and the vast space of the web is our meeting place and playground. We love to build, design, create and figure out new and creative ways of reaching people. The internet is our playground and we welcome you to join us.



Web Design and Development

We are experts in Content Management System (CMS) with a proven track record of developing tools for industry standard CMS. You can rely on our expertise to develop and design websites you need. In the face of rapidly changing technologies, your engagement to the world through website, web presence needs to adapt. We help redesign, rebrand our customers web presence with modern, state of the art, responsive sites.

E Commerce Solutions

We offer a range of services from payment gateways to integrated software solutions to building your online shopping store etc. Customized and tailored E-commerce solutions provide a significant advantage over conventional off the shelf ecommerce platforms. The synergy of our wide range of experience and expertise allow us to offer you comprehensive packages at affordable costs. Some key features of our E Commerce service package includes

- Full Branding and Design to Reflect Your Brand
- Website Domain and Hosting
- Web Architecture Design and Development
- Store Building
- Product Update
- Payment Gateway Integration
- Online Marketing
- Any other Custom Requirements

Graphic Design

“Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question to a problem.”— John Maeda, President of Rhode Island School of Design.

Our team of skilled designers have a human-centred approach to UX design. Our creative energy is devoted to maximising user engagement. Our world today is bombarded by visual material. We understand and know how to stand out. – Our design work is a synthesis of creativity and technology grounded in user experience. Our dedicated in- house team will brainstorm with you to help design a unique visual look for your business that is based on your brand identity and philosophy. Our wide range of services extends from designing marketing material, brochures, newsletters, logos to complex infographics, flyers, digital posters or any print material you need.

Social Media

We help our customers with multi platform social media presence, which includes creating audio visual material for social media, marketing and management. We also help you devise targeted social media campaigns to identify your potential market. In the crowded social media space today, your brand has to stand out by producing unique, creative and fresh content like infographics, posters, pictorials, postcards and labels to engage with your customer base.


Audio mixing is a professional service that separates sound from noise. From Podcast productions, to cleaning your existing audio tracks, we are able to make your Audio sound clean and pristine by clearing all unnecessary noise. Innovate in how you reach your target customer base by creating your own podcast to deliver your message. This allows your brand to have a multi platform presence today.


Starting with shooting to editing to providing the final color correction and grading, we offer a whole range of video solutions specifically catered to the modern digital audiovisual space. According to a White Paper published by Cisco, 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021. It is important for your video content to be visually striking and accessible. We also offer services like closed captions, transcripts, subtitles, to enable you to get more value from your existing video content by appealing to a wider audience.



Custom Tech Solutions

By analyzing Client’s
requirements, we come up with
the right technology stack for
optimized bespoke solution.

Responsive Design

In this age of endless screen
sizes and mobile devices,
responsive design and mobile
first experience is a priority.

Brand Identity

With a keen eye on aesthetics,
our creative team is capable to
address wide range of Branding
– be it graphic design or video.


Whether small, medium or large,
if you want to run an enterprise
efficiently, you need to go for an
Enterprise Resource Planning
software. We do Odoo ERP.

Market Visibility

From search engine to social
media visibility, we strive to bring
our customers into the lime light
across various marketing

App Development

We develop mobile apps in both
Android and iOS platform. From
ideation and UI design to final
shipping to App store. We
provide full spectrum solution.



PHP Framework

We work with all the industry standard powerful PHP framwork such as Laravel and CodeIgniter. We also work in raw PHP where necessary.

Payment Gateway

We have integrated world's leading payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, 2CheckOut and local solutions such as SSL Commerz and LebuPay.

JS Framework

We have the know how of the latest JavaScript based frameworks such as Node.js, Angular.js to create state of the art web applications.

API Development

We build custom APIs for various platforms to interface between different systems.

SQL and NOSQL Database

Our Database team has expertise in both SQL, Postgres and No-SQL Big Data compatible databases.


We have experience in all the leading E-commerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce in WP, OpenCart as well as built totally custom E-commerce solutions.



Our Web Work

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